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I put this sticky note on my friends' wall the other day. They didn't get the meme, but you will.
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My friend and I made this for our professor's birthday. [pic]
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What the frack happened to my friend!?
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The Blop Lamp Is a Shape-Shifting Mass Of Paint Swatches
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Awesome minimalistic movie posters (Star Wars Trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, The Shining)
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Polar Bear vs Sled Dog
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Water Cuts Rock [pic]
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I'm a SHAAA-ARGH! [pic]
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iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad... iBroke
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Mandelbrot Zoom [gif]
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You are now witnessing the true birth of a supervillain.
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This is why we can't have nice things!
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Possibly the greatest movie poster of all time [pic]
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This is why we can't have nice things!
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Ok this wasnt really new for me, but for a porn community? [SFW]
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I got a new puppy today. Her name is Greta. She's a rottweiler mix, but she's grey somehow.
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2 A.M., four minutes. [NSFW?]
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They're so real ...
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So he kind of looks like me...
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Wait, is that....? Oh god
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Who has been sleeping in my bed? [pic]
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Hey Reddit, saw this in London today. That guy is pissed off at his lawyer!
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We are insignificant.
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My wife and I on a canoe in the Charles River, watching the fireworks in Boston
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When shooting a film with zombies, keep them fed well to avoid conflicts. (Pic)
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Spongebob says FU
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Hey Reddit! Here I am with my new "No Kicking Penguins" T-Shirt.
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Deleon DeLeon
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Hey reddit, thought you'd get a kick out of my new skateboard [pic]
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I got a new puppy today. Her name is Greta. She's a rottweiler mix, but she's grey somehow.
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Stop! [pic]
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Deleted Poem
Sex Explained (sfw)
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My dog pulled a face. Can Reddit help me with a suitable caption?
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R.A.F. Eurofighter Typhoon over Dubai
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I live 20 miles from NYC. Today, like many days, a gang of wild turkeys were roaming around my backyard
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He is... The Keeper of the Heart
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Delete the forwards Delete the Forwards

I found some old CDs/DVDs. Look what I found in the stack. What should I do with it?
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Dear Reddit: I saw this in my dormitory's newsletter and decided you should see it.
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Colored People [pic]
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Deleting the Forwards deleting the index.dat
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Reddit is Awesome
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Morning breath.
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Are you Ken?
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Delfina+%26+Maria+de+Jesus+Gonzales Delfina+%26+Maria+DeJesus+Gonzales
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Delfina and Maria De Jesus Gonzales DELFINA+AND+MARIA+DE+JESUS+GONZALES
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DELFINA+&+MARIA+DE+JESUS+GONZALES delfina+marie+de+jesus
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That's Matt Damon
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This is a photo op of the Jackson children. They all* seem happy and normal.
delft blue delft boys
"delft dinner plates"