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Beyoncé destroys Stadium, Whines about Jean Grey.
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Awesome minimalistic movie posters (Star Wars Trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, The Shining)
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yeah... this pretty much sums up my daily experience on Omegle.
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At least they are good at something [pic]
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Rolling downhill with a tiny load...
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This may slow down the self checkout process.
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Hay, reddit...
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I'm no good at posting to Reddit, but I think everyone should know what people want to be most, VIA google. "How to be ...", *facepalm*
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Jesus with boobs tattoo. really.
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Celestial Size Comparison: From Earth to the Largest Known Star, VY Canis Majoris. We are insignificant. [GIF]
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I saw this and thought of you, reddit.
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ITT: Post your bookmarks bar
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I mean, not everybody can have perfect English, but come on!
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If you like maroon trucks,you'll love this image. ;)
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If you're going to Sturgis, wherever it may be, you have to send me a postcard.
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Hey Tony, your motorcycle is just a bad drawing. It's not real!
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Sometimes the internet can be a very, very scary place.
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You'll be so black, bitches be like "sloooow dowwwwn" and you'll be like "what, bitch?" and smack her in the face with your PIMP HAND.
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Think it's cold and windy where YOU are? Think again... [PIC]
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My dog pulled a face. Can Reddit help me with a suitable caption?
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True Life: College Apartments
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Take 16 celebrity beauties, morph their faces together, and what you get is the most beautiful woman possible. (Supposedly, that is.)
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They're so real ...
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I thought Miranda from Mass Effect 2 looked kinda familiar... (NSFW)
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Why cats are awesome [PIC]
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Just because you can fit into it...doesn't mean you should wear it.
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It's midnight and I'm surfing Reddit when I look up and see this [pic]
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Out-smarted by a bird brain [gif]
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yeah... this pretty much sums up my daily experience on Omegle.
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Reddit, I'm no kid but I drew Reddit alien in a napkin using coffee stirrer and leftover macchiato.
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Does anyone else have index toes that curve? I always thought this was not uncommon. (warning: toes)
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Epic Man - An animation I made a while ago in 'Flipnote Studios' for DSi [GIF]
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I'm A Rabbit
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What a lucky cat... 'harassing' some virgins.
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Possibly the greatest movie poster of all time [pic]
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I found some old CDs/DVDs. Look what I found in the stack. What should I do with it?
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Christina Hendricks Dazzles At Directors Guild (PICS)
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Gentlemen? [pic] (A response to original post by user Sealegs67, sorry my intentions are not to troll, only to keep up the joke, firefox is fine)
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The Shittiest Seat at the Grammys
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