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This is a photo op of the Jackson children. They all* seem happy and normal.
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"The girls had succeeded in trapping the evolutionist up a tree." 7x Monkeyfluids Nostalgia for all those who missed this great blog.
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Photo - Dick Cheney in a bumper car, Dallas, 1976.
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I saw this and thought of you, reddit.
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The first, and only known photo of the elusive perp...his legend continues to grow. (NSFW)
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One pen - three boxes. Over packaging at it's finest..
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My friend and I made this for our professor's birthday. [pic]
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If you're going to Sturgis, wherever it may be, you have to send me a postcard.
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The world's first digital camera was built in 1975 by Kodak researcher Steve Sasson. It took 23 seconds to record an image on cassette tape or read it for display on a TV.
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My now -ex made this for me, and gave it to me the day I broke up with her ): [PIC]
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Reddit, I'm no kid but I drew Reddit alien in a napkin using coffee stirrer and leftover macchiato.
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Water versus Wine: A Photo Booth debate.
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Water versus Wine: A Photo Booth debate.
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Informative Aircraft Paint Job [Pics]
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beyonce rocking out w/ her 3d glasses [GIF!!]
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A Perry Bible Fellowship Wallpaper I made quite some time ago - [PIC]
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My friend having some fun in the fields this weekend
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Why cats are awesome [PIC]
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I love Boston winters. Here is me shoveling snow.
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