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PSE&G: We make things work for you. Yeah right.
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What's For Breakfast?
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Hey Reddit, saw this in London today. That guy is pissed off at his lawyer!
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My dog pulled a face. Can Reddit help me with a suitable caption?
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KLM has a nice feature on their website where you can upload a pic for some free custom luggage tags.
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Man made satellites orbiting the Earth, broken down by country and type. [Inforgraphic]
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Superman, of course, is oblivious to his whiteness.
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Chatroulette - How to ruin someone's life. [PIC] - nsfw
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They're so real ...
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Are you Ken?
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Saw a bobcat near Big Sur Cali
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Top Twitter Cities [pic]
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What's For Breakfast?
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Owl hunting in snow
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Jumping on bed, it made me chortle. [nsfw pic]
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wingstrike in the snow (2)
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My dog drew this. Said he wanted it on Reddit - So here it is!
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Periodic table of beer
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Water versus Wine: A Photo Booth debate.
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"Get a load of that".
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Dear Reddit, due to insignificant circumstances I made insignificant posters to remind us all of an event predicted in ways only insignificant planet earth can.... That is all. [PIC]
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Comcast movie synopsis author strikes again [PIC]
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yeah... this pretty much sums up my daily experience on Omegle.
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Seriously Brian? [PIC]
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Can someone explain this in english? [pic]
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No Guts, No Glory
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Snow in Zion National Park [pic]
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'They call me... The Shocker.'
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Weird Al vs Patton Oswalt
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This is not my kid and he isnt dressed as Link......
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"I'm sorry, Mr. Christ. You're only licensed for five loaves of bread and two fish."
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Does anyone else find this a bit scary?
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Either the Joint Strike Fighter looks a lot different than I thought it did, or I'm very afraid of the way Defense Sec. Gates fires people.
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Haiti three weeks later - The Big Picture
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My 6 year old cat with feline leukemia drew this right before she died. It was her last wish that I post it on Reddit.
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Look into my eyes! [gif]
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Yosemite Firefall [pic]
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No problem
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Beyoncé destroys Stadium, Whines about Jean Grey.
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Jumping on bed, it made me chortle. [nsfw pic]
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"I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass." [pretty sweet PIC]
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Crocodile Vs Shark. [Pic]
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Just because you can fit into it...doesn't mean you should wear it.
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I live 20 miles from NYC. Today, like many days, a gang of wild turkeys were roaming around my backyard
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Foil turkey is watching you
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2 A.M., four minutes. [NSFW?]
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