Need to know what time your next bus is due to depart?

Then you need BUSTXT our new SMS service that puts all Dublin Bus timetables in the palm of your hand.

Simply text BUS followed by the bus route number eg. BUS 10 to 53503 and send.

You will then receive a response containing times for the next 3 buses in each direction.

Text to pre-plan a journey eg. BUS 10 1800 for the times of the 10 route from 1800 onwards

Plan tomorrow's journey eg. BUS 10 0930 TOMORROW for the times of the 10 route tomorrow from 0930 onwards.

Plan for another day e.g. BUS 10 0930 SUN for the times of the 10 route from 0930 onwards on Sundays.

Tarriff: 30 Cent including VAT (Network Operator Charges may apply).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check the time of my next bus?

A: Send the keyword BUS followed by your route number to 53503. E.g. to look up the 19A bus, text this to 53503:

   BUS 19A

You will then receive an immediate response text, giving you details of the route and the next 3 times in either direction:

19A bus from Jamestown Road to Limekiln Avenue: 1345,1400,1415. From Limekiln Avenue to Jamestown Road: 1337,1352,1407

Q: How do I check my bus times for later on today?

A: You can do this by sending for example BUS 46A 1940 to 53503 to receive the next 3 bus times on route 46A from 1940 onwards.

Q: Does BusTxt give the correct times on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays?

A: Yes, naturally. The BusTxt service has timetables for all days of the week, and is aware of which special days like bank holidays that buses run according to Sunday times.

Q: Which routes does BusTxt have timetables for?

A: BusTxt has timetable information for all Dublin Bus scheduled services, including Nitelinks. Click here to see a full list of route numbers and destinations.

Q: How do I check bus times for tomorrow?

A: If you include the word TOMORROW in your request message, the times returned will be for tomorrow. For example, send this to 53503:

   BUS 65 0830 TOMORROW

Additionally, if you request bus times for a specific time onward, and that time is more than two hours before the current hour of the day, the times returned will be automatically for the following day.

So for example if you send BUS 65 0800 in the evening, you will receive a response containing the times from 08:00 onward for the next morning.

Q: How do I check bus times for a different day of the week?

A: Simply include the day you want in the request like this:

   BUS 32 0800 SATURDAY

You can also abbreviate the day-name to three letters - e.g. BUS 32 0800 SAT

Q: Can I check the times for several routes by sending just one SMS ?

A: No, this is not possible. The reason is because there is limited space in SMS messages (normally 160 chars) and so the times for only one route can be sent per request. If you want to check 2 different routes, simply send 2 separate txts, one for each route you want to look up.

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